Alternative to Helvetica Rounded corners


There are several helvetica alternative questions here, but they don't do the trick.

Rounded corners helvetica has letters that are slightly slimmer than regular helvetica and it has rounded tips instead of square shaped tips at line ends.

I've been trying to find alternative for web (i need to generate web fonts but apparently adobe has asked fontsquirrel not do give out helvetica fonts) and so far my search has yielded me nothing, despite going through several free font sites like

Helvetica rounded condensed

7/19/2019 8:14:00 AM

Accepted Answer


BPreplay font

Not quite as condensed, but very similar

6/5/2013 2:02:00 PM

Personally I love VAG Rounded (that's the font on the mac keyboards), but if you do want to convert the helvetica rounded to a webfont, try font2web

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