Is there a way how to replicate the subpixel rendering look of Windows/Outlook/browsers in Photoshop?


I would like to replicate the antialiasing made by my browser in photoshop. Look at this picture: It is 500% image of standard 13px Arial #464646 font. First line is screenshot from browser(chrome), other lines are some of the antialiasing options from PS.

Notice the color change on the first line. Does it have something to do with ClearType?

Can I somehow replicate the first line in PS?

enter image description here

6/5/2013 4:25:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Unfortunately, no, there isn't a way to, using the tools that Photoshop has by default, replicate the different browsers' rendering (note that all browsers render text in a distinct way). That's one of the reasons lots of designers create mockups straight in html/css, because of these discrepancies.

There are, however, Photoshop actions and plugins you can download to allow sub-pixel font rendering:

6/4/2013 3:16:00 AM