What font is similar to Zapfino One but a bit more legible?


I am looking for a font for my wedding invitation. I like Zapfino One but I think it is not readable enough for an invitation. Especially the letter "f" is very large. Is there any professional looking font which is similar to Zapfino One but a bit more readable for my purpose? If not are there any other suggestions?

For sake of completeness, here is a sample of Zapfino One:


Since I make the invitation with LaTeX (XeLaTeX) it would also be ok if you suggest a LaTeX metafont (which I could use with pdflatex).

I am also considering to make the menu-cards with Zapfino One, so it would be great if the font of the wedding invitation would fit to Zapfino One.

6/6/2014 4:51:00 PM

Accepted Answer

I have found some other fonts (all with Zapf in its name but I don't know if Herrman Zapf is the author of them)

Zapf Chancery Normal


This font is also available for pdflatex as metafont.

Zapf Chance Italic


Zapf Calligraphic 801 Italic



Furthermore I have found another font called Italianno:


5/24/2013 8:51:00 PM

Out of the LaTeX metafonts on this page, I think the closest to Zaphino One would be Calligra


Calligra metafont

Ignoring the LaTeX metafont requirement, there is usually a section devoted to wedding fonts at the larger font vendor websites. Lovers Pro has a similar style but has a little more flamboyance. Virtuosa Classic also looks similar to Zapfino One and is by the same author.

Lovers Pro

Lovers Pro Font

Virtuosa Classic

Virtuosa Classic Font