Fastest way to replace mask with current selection (Photoshop)


Situation: I want to use the current selection as a mask on layer X. Layer X already has a mask, and I want to completely replace it.

If layer X didn't already have a mask, I could do this in one step by clicking Add layer mask in the Layers palette.

Given that layer X already has a mask, what is the quickest way to do this? Can this be done in one or two steps, preferably by keystroke?

How I do it now: Drag layer X's mask to trash, click layer X, click Add layer mask. This becomes tedious when you have to do it to a lot of layers.

5/15/2013 5:01:00 AM

Make an action of your current workflow.

To be more specific, make an action like this:

  1. Delete mask from your current layer ( Make sure to have your layer selected when you do this. If you have your mask selected you'd always have to select the mask when running the action )

  2. Make a new Layer mask ( Make sure you have selection before you click it )

Then just give the action a shortcut.

The workflow with this action:

  1. Make your selection
  2. Select a layer with a mask
  3. Use the shortcut ...and the mask is replaced with your selection
5/15/2013 8:35:00 AM