How to change the perspective of an image in Photoshop?


I have a site screen shot(like this -, and i want to rotate it to "perspective view" like the below image.

enter image description here

How i can do that? Google hinted nothing about this problem.

4/30/2014 4:28:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Follow this simple steps:

  • Select the layer and press Ctrl+T and
  • Right click on the transform and choose Perspective and then
  • Hold Ctrl and drag the right side corner towards down

enter image description here

4/5/2017 8:47:00 AM

Alternatively to Bala's answer, If you're mocking your image on to something like a monitor for this example, I find it easier to use the Distort tool as you can drag the corners of the image to match what ever it is you're laying your image onto.

  1. Edit → Transform → Distort
  2. Drag the corner points to the edges of the monitor to fill the blank screen
  3. Add a little inner shadow to the "mock screen" so it looks more "in place"

enter image description here