Illustrator CS5 Distorts Vector on Resize, using Scale Tool


When resizing a vector group in Illustrator CS5.5 with a custom made symbol in the group I get distortion of the proportion of the shape.

Before and after distortion

I've tried

  • Tried resizing with selection tool holding down shift or option
  • Turning off align to pixel grid in the transform panel
  • Turning off align to pixel grid in the symbol option
  • Checking Enabled Guides for 9-slice scaling is turned on
  • Checking Scale Stroke & Effects is turned off in preferences

Can you help me resize this without the distortion?

4/18/2013 6:28:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Thanks so much for your help. The problem was that 9-slice scaling and align to pixel grid had to be turned off for the symbol that wasn't resizing correctly. We'd turned it off for the objects but not the symbol - hence the distortion.

4/22/2013 12:03:00 AM