ID CS6: Can I set an exact height for a cell style?


I am working in a table. I am creating cell styles for various kinds of cells.

I want to create what is essentially a spacer cell (unless there's some way to create padding-above like in CSS :) ) which always has an exact height of p6. I can do this manually, but I can't find anywhere to do it in a style sheet. Is there a way?

4/18/2013 11:14:00 AM

Accepted Answer

In the Table Panel (or control bar with a table highlighted) you can set the cell height to "Exactly" and insert the value you want.

table panel

But... you're right.. you can't save this particular aspect to a cell or table style.

To use a style you might try this....

  • Create a paragraph style which sets the type size to match your desired cell height. For example, 6pt type for a 6pt tall cell.
    paragraph style
  • Create a new Cell Style and set it to use the paragraph style you just created.
  • Set the Cell Insets in the Cell Style Options to zero.

That should allow you to select a row (or cell) and apply the cell style to get a spacer which matches the height of your predefined Paragraph Style.

Another option would be to simply create a Cell Style with a larger Top Inset to move the cell items down. Basically a taller cell style to create the appearance of a spacer, without actually having a spacer row. This tends to fail if you want to alternate fills or strokes though.


4/18/2013 1:37:00 PM