Photoshop action to export png using filename pattern (@2x)


How do you create a Photoshop action to do the following:

  1. Save for Web, at full size, using the (PSD) filename with "@2x" appended (and .png)
  2. Save for Web, at 50% size, using the (PSD) filename (and .png)

So, if you are editing myImage.psd; you should end up with

Apologies if this question is amazingly simple or has been answered elsewhere, but I have yet to find a straightforward answer explains how to export to png using the iOS naming convention.


4/16/2013 5:46:00 PM

Accepted Answer

These guys made a great action set that does pretty much what you want.

I modified their version of the actions (JLRetinaPNGExport.atn) which you can find here. This action set comes with 2 actions:

  1. current layer export as .png at 100% then 50%
  2. merge visible and export as .png at 100% then 50%

Hope this helps

5/29/2013 9:23:00 PM