Brochures font size


Hello This is may first question here. I was working with small projects. I have problem with the Brochures (Tri-fold).

At the Back Cover the content are only programme 2 fold and raffle entry 1 fold (i'm not sure what called for 3 fold). I don't have problem with this.

And the front cover is content the cover of our program and committee profile. My problem is it's OK to use a smaller font at the profile around 4 to 5pt since the whole member is almost 15 people with name position and description. Any advice since they what to put the description.

4/14/2013 7:02:00 PM

Accepted Answer

The important factor to consider when looking at font sizes is the age of the intended audience.

Anything below 8pt type is very difficult to see for older audiences. And 4 or 5pt type may as well be invisible because it won't be read at all. Most older audiences need a minimum of 11pt and a preferable size of 14pts to read comfortably.

Even when considering younger audiences, going below 8pt type shouldn't be considered for anything which needs to be conveyed directly to the reader.

I, personally, would never set any type below 6pt. Even then 6pt would be reserved for copyright notices or other content not meant to be directly read in the flow of information.

Another factor to consider where commercial printing is concerned is dot gain and intended stock. If you print on a stock which has a considerable dot gain, such as uncoated, standard offset, or newsprint, 4 or 5pt type is merely going to plug up and be unreadable anyway.

4/14/2013 8:01:00 PM