When I export an image from Illustrator, why is it a slightly different color in the exported image?


I have a web design layout in AI that I'm trying to slice up into HTML/CSS. I'm having trouble keeping the colors the same in the exported files as they are in Illustrator.

When I open it up in Illustrator CS4 and use the eyedropper tool to check the color of the logo, it's #AB336B. Ultimately, this is the color I want the logo to be after I export it.

But when I open it in the "Save for Web & Devices" dialog and sample the color from there, it says it's #CA006C, even though it still looks like #AB336B:

After some Googling, I have a feeling it's related to color profiles, but I'm still not sure what do do to fix my problem.

5/12/2013 10:23:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Sounds like a problem with the working ICC profile. Have you disabled color management?

If you haven't already, go to Edit -> Assign Profile and select Don't Color Manage This Document.

I can duplicate the problem mentioned to an extent (getting various sample values, though not getting the same #CA006C) by changing the assigned profile. (FWIW, using AI CS3 on Windows)

4/12/2011 8:23:00 PM

In Illustrator, are you working in RGB or CMYK? If you're working in a different color profile than the intended end destination you're going to get some variation because of the translation. If you can figure out what your "final destination" is you can apply that in Illustrator and you shouldn't have this problem.