How do you make a selection within a selection?


Photoshop CS5: If I only wish to select the black portion of the below image (to create a layer mask with it), how would I do so? It was generated by clicking "Make Selection" from a vector shape that's made up of several paths (each of the triangles, then the rectangle that encloses them). Thank you in advance!

enter image description here

As a related follow-up, how do I add to a selection? i.e. If I make one selection, how do I keep adding more parts to it? Necessary to use paths?

1/30/2013 5:01:00 PM

The modifiers for selection tools are alt and shift in various combinations. The tool icon will change to reflect the mode (+/-, etc)


  • make a square selection

  • hold alt and then select a square within the existing selection (-)

  • hold shift, add a square (+)

  • hold alt+shift, select a portion of the existing selection area (x [intersection])

One can ctlr (cmd) click a layer icon in the layers palette to use that as a selection, and the same key modifiers can be applied (with the addition of ctrl).

I frequently store portions of complicated masks as hidden layers for easy mixing and matching while working.

1/30/2013 5:23:00 PM