Photoshop: How do I create a new layer from a shape that I wish to draw?


When I try to draw a shape, I can't seem to get it to create a new layer, but rather it always goes on the layer that I already have selected. How do I create a new layer from a shape that I wish to draw? Otherwise, I can't seem to edit its colour....

In relation to this, I watched a tutorial and each time the guy drew a new shape it created a coloured thumbnail linked to a thumbnail with the shape inside of a grey box. For me, currently, the shapes just keep appearing on transparent layer thumbnails.

This is what the tool bar looks like with the shape tool selected:

12/24/2012 12:53:00 PM

Update based on updated question.....

You should always state what software and what version of that software you are using. It's clear from the added image you are using Photoshop prior to CS6.

If you look at your control bar you'll see 3 little icons on the left, highlighted here....

old control bar

From left to right these icons mean - shape layer, only a path, a raster shape. In order to create new layers for each shape, you need for click the Shape Layer icon, the leftmost of the three.

Currently you have it set on Raster Shapes. This will merely create pixels on whatever layer you have highlighted, just as if you were using a brush.

For Photoshop CS6....

If you are using Photoshop, be certain the shape options are set to "New Layer" when you have a Shape Tool Active.

shape options

You'll also want to be certain you are working on a file which permits layers. Anything in Index color mode - gif, png8, bitmap - will not allow you to create new layers.

12/24/2012 10:55:00 AM