How can I cut out a section of a circle using Inkscape?


In Inkscape I first typed text, created a circle, then made two lines from the center. It looks like this now:

image 1

Now, I want it to look like this with the piece cut off, which I made before:

image 2

I can't make it work. Every path boolean operation is not working. How do I cut circle like a pie?

8/17/2015 3:43:00 PM

Accepted Answer

The trick is to make lines go considerably out of the circle like this: lines crossing the circle For some reason it doesn't work if they cross just a little. Then you select both of the triangle and circle then do the Path>Division and you'll get this:enter image description here Of course, triangle is one path with three nodes, not two lines.

1/9/2013 12:08:00 AM

  • Draw your text and a circle and center them on the vertical axis.
  • Draw a closed triangle over the "X". It can be curved but it must be closed.
  • Convert the circle in to a path
  • Duplicate the circle and the triangle
  • Select one of the triangles and move it to the top z-index
  • Shift-select one of the circles
  • Invoke the "Path" -> "Cut Path" menu item
  • You should now have an arc of the circle cut away
  • Edit the triangle path and create nodes where the triangle meets the circle.
  • Select the nodes you just created and break the path using the toolbar button
  • Now select the circle arc and the triangle path
  • Invoke the "Path" -> "Combine" menu item
  • Lastly, join the nodes where the triangle meets the arc using the toolbar button
  • You can now fill the section and move it.

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