Photoshop CS6 extended, is there a way to disable the edge highlighting of shape selections?


I recently upgraded to CS6 so its throwing me off when I apply styles to that effect borders on shapes, when I select the layer for the shape and in choosing the layer it selects the outer edge of the shape to show me where the shape is, in previous versions of photoshop something like this usually occurs when I first create a shape or when I did a layer select while holding ctrl (I think it was) but in either event, click off the layer and then back on the highlighted edge would be gone leaving me to see what I am doing.

Now I wouldn't necessarily like to have this turned off completely less thats the only option hoping one exists, but I would like to not have it be there when I don't want it to be. Anyone have ideas?

Also note I am on a Mac I know that doesn't hold much weight on the overall program and options but felt it was worth mentioning.

12/6/2012 8:03:00 PM

Ahh, figured it out on my own after getting annoyed enough by it, its actually a new option under "View > Show" menu. Its called "Target Path" by default its enabled apparently. This is not an option I have seen in past photoshops, and figured maybe it was a preference based thing or hot key, the simple answer evaded me, until I went to hide a grid and saw that.

So short answer

View > Show > Target Path

12/6/2012 8:24:00 PM