how to reduce the size of my graphic design cv?


I designed my cv on Photoshop and then I did two things but still I have a problem:

  1. I have two pages of my CV, I saved them as JPEG with save form web and then I combined them in a PDF in Acrobat around and got a 450 KB file, which is suitable in some job websites but the websites didn't detect text as it is a message I always got it when I upload my cv.

  2. I saved my cv as PDF files and then I combined them in Acrobat but the size was 233 MB ! which is never possbile to upload.

I want my cv to be a good example of my work and not just a word document. I am not sure what I should do to upload it to job websites.

12/5/2012 11:11:00 AM

A CV isn't a place to stretch your visual effects muscles. It's a utilitarian tool for a very specific purpose.

As a graphic designer, you need two versions of your resume. The first is a version typeset exactly how you see fit, and exported as a PDF. This is the version you'll typically send to hiring managers directly. You then need a more universal, machine-readable-friendly version, typically a MS Word document (which sucks, but that's the norm) that you can then upload to HR systems.

Still take time to craft the MS Word version, though understand its limitations.

In both cases, however, your goal is to make the document readable by both humans and machines, legible, light weight (ie, small file size) and reflect your design skills and personality without tripping over that "decoration for decoration's sake" line.

Save the PhotoShop work for your portfolio, not the resume.

12/5/2012 5:14:00 PM