Why does text of the same size appear different in Photoshop than in Word?


Ok so here you can see text in MS Word. 11 pt Times New Roman looks way bigger than the text in Photoshop at the same size and in the same font. The resolution in Photoshop was and has always been 72 pixels/inch.


12/19/2012 11:29:00 AM

Accepted Answer

After researching & a lot thinking, this is what i have come up with...i hope not to confuse even more...ppi(pixels/inch),72pt= 1in..ok...so i was wondering why is that whats 1 inch in Photoshop looks way bigger in word. it turns out what photoshop does is scale inch to match your monitor's resolution. So suppose your monitor resolution is 1000x1000 and you make an image with ppi of 50ppi and size of 500x500 pixels ..meaning 1 inch now would have 50 pixels in it. So how many inches would be the picture...10 inches in both width and height. There are 50 px in 1in and there are total of 500. so 10in equals 500px (10x50=500). But here is the thing normal and unsuspecting people would think that 10 inches would be 10 in long and if you put ruler on your screen it would measure the widhth/height 10 inches right...and then you would be wrong...think about it just because you told photoshop to make your photo to be shown at higher density(ppi) how do you expect monitor to do that, it cant just produce more pixels in area of 1 in... so instead photoshop makes inches smaller and bigger...so when its high ppi which means higher density or more pixels per inch than monitor stretches 'inch' to do that. so if your resolution is 1200x900 and you make an image with ppi of 1200 than 1 inch in that file would be equal to the whole width of your monitor but the actual size that it would appear on screen would be the size in pixels...if its 500 pixels that image would be 500 pixels wide... but font is however related to how big your image file thinks 1 inch is. and if there is a difference between ppi of your photoshop, web and word then font will appear different in each. I found out that my monitor's ppi is about 92 (1600pxResolution/widthofMonitorinInches) and i am setting photoshop to be 72px/in, i guess i should say 1/72 in/px...and 1/92 in/px so font appeared smaller because an inch in photoshop was 72 pixels and in my monitor 92 pixels. Therefore i guess web and word doesnt care about custom ppi and now that i think about it you cant define what ppi your page should look like on internet.

12/1/2012 12:26:00 AM