Logo Pack - What should I include?


What files should i put in a logo pack to give to clients? Should I put small, medium and large version of my logo as well as the vector file.

11/13/2012 4:49:00 PM

Here is What I include:

CMYK (High resolution)

  • CMYK .ai
  • CMYK .pdf
  • CMYK .eps (Illustrator 8)
  • CMYK .tiff (flat with clipping path)
  • CMYK .psd (with transparency)

Spot color (if applicable) (High resolution)

  • Spot .ai
  • Spot .pdf
  • Spot .eps
  • Spot .tiff (flat with clipping path)
  • Spot .psd (with transparency)

Greyscale 1 color (High resolution)

  • Greyscale .ai
  • Greyscale .pdf
  • Greyscale .eps
  • Greyscale .tiff (flat with clipping path)
  • Greyscale .psd (with transparency)

Solid 1 color (High resolution)

  • Black .ai
  • Black .pdf
  • Black .eps
  • Black .tiff (flat with clipping path)
  • Black .psd (with transparency)

RGB (low resolution)

  • RGB .ai
  • RGB .pdf
  • RGB .eps
  • RGB .jpg (500px wide)
  • RGB .jpg (250px wide)
  • RGB .jpg (100px wide)
  • RGB .png (with transparency, 500px wide)
  • RGB .png (with transparency, 250px wide)
  • RGB .png (with transparency, 100px wide)
  • RGB .gif (250px wide with transparency)
  • RGB .psd (with transparency)
  • RGB Greyscale .jpg (250px wide) (file is colorless but still in RGB format)
  • RGB Solid black .jpg (250px wide)


  • A full usage guide for the logo including sizes to use, color breakouts, required spacing, incorrect usage, etc.


These formats are broken down into two directories. Print and Web. "Print" containing the CMYK, Greyscale, Spot, and solid fortmats in high resolution and "Web" containing the low resolution RGB formats.

The jpg, png, and gif files are pretty much included just so the client sees them. If you don't provide a jpg many clients won't know what the other formats are for. They also want to immediately email the logo or throw it on Facebook and since they are familiar with jpg or png they can use those files.

EPS saved as Illustrator 8 allows for compatibility with many older third party applications, such as sign cutters and embroidery machines.

This may seem like a lot of files to include, but it really isn't. Most of these formats take 5 minutes or less to generate when a logtype is complete. That 5 minutes of time here, saves the client 4 hours or more when they try ans scramble for a format they need when some vendor asks for it.

It would be nice to simply send a pdf or ai files and be done, but in my experience, that only ensures they client returns to you asking for more formats later. My goal is to provide the client,up front, with every possible format they may need.

11/14/2012 12:10:00 AM