How can I make this text (slightly) more 'Chinese-looking'?


How can I make this text (slightly) more Chinese looking?

(examples will be appreciated if possible).

enter image description here

(I think the purpose of doing this is obvious).

**** EDIT: This is option two:**

enter image description here

3/1/2011 3:56:00 PM

You can use a Chinese-style font (edit: changed link) but that looks gaudy and may not fit into a sleek design.

A better alternative is to look at Chinese urban environments and culture and take note of recurring sights and design elements. Neon lights, fruit baskets, smiling people, or whatever. You can use those in your logo (which doesn't need to be fully textual), to invoke the reaction you're seeking. A generic "I want a Chinese look" isn't going to make your design better.

I'm not familiar with China so I can't give specifics, but keep in mind you need to know your audience. Sure, you can put any random Chinese elements in your design:


But if it doesn't resonate with your specific audience, then there's no point.

3/1/2011 1:51:00 PM