How do I draw a square with rounded corners in Adobe Flash CS6?


I can't find any options for rounded corners in the draw palette in Flash CS6 and Google is not returning any answers. This seems like it should be so simply to do. I want to use the palette to draw a rectangle with rounded corners WITHOUT using actionscript. How can I do this?

11/4/2012 6:04:00 PM

Accepted Answer

Take a look at this:

With Flash’s rectangle- and oval-primitive tools, you create shapes with paths defined by a set of properties specific to that shape. You can’t change the outline of a primitive-shape freely the way you can reshape the outline of a merge-shape or drawing-object. You can change the primitive’s defining properties by dragging control points in the shape or by setting new values in the Property inspector.

The rectangle-primitive has two control points for the corner radius of each corner. When the corner radius is set to 0, the corner is a sharp 90-degree angle, and the control points sit directly on top of one another.

  • Position the pointer over one of the control points. The pointer becomes a solid arrowhead.

  • To modify the shape, do one of the following: • To increase the radius (make the corner more rounded), drag the point inward. • To decrease the radius (make the corner less rounded), drag the point outward.

  • As the corner radius increases, two control points appear at the end of the arc defining the corner. Drag inward to round the corner more; drag outward to round it less.

11/4/2012 10:34:00 PM