Using an invert mask on one single layer


I'm stuck with this little thing, which should be extremely easy but I simply cannot achieve it the way I want it.

Working with Photoshop CS5, I have a PSD with several layers, most of them being text layers with pattern style applied on them. One of this text layer needs a black pattern but currently uses a white one and as I'm kinda lazy, I thought I could just use the "negative" adjustment on Photoshop instead of spending some time making the proper pattern.

So I went this way :

  • I duplicated the layer.
  • I made a new adjustment layer and chose "negative".
  • I ticked "Clipping mask" so that the "negative" isn't applied to all my layers.

And... it doesn't work at all. Like nothing changes. I tried switching the mask color (alt-click on the clipped mask) but nothing either. What am I missing here ?

10/25/2012 1:08:00 PM

Accepted Answer

It all depends upon the pattern.

I don't have a "negative" adjustment layer option. I'll assume you mean "Invert". Should be the same thing.

What gets inverted is the pattern. So, if the pattern is composed of only white and transparent items over black text, what gets inverted is the white pattern. The transparent areas won't invert.

Things which may help...

  • Set the pattern's blend mode in the Layer Styles Dialog to Difference, then try the clipped adjustment layer.

  • invert the color of the text (which will make the pattern disappear) then apply the clipped adjustment layer (which will make the inverted pattern show again).

10/25/2012 1:04:00 PM