InDesign: Blank pages on 1,4 when creating a booklet?


I'm trying to supply the printer with a 2-page saddle up print job - which I'm assuming is a 2 page spread stapled in the middle and folded.

The document is a 22 page booklet, The 1st page is the cover and the 22nd page is the back of the booklet.

My problem is there is blank pages on page 1 and 4 - I do not understand why this is happening?

10/25/2012 1:39:00 AM

Accepted Answer

Because a Booklet must have a page-count that can be divided by 4. Why? Each sheet has 4 sides, even if you leave them blank, they will be physically there. You will have to go for 20 pages or 24. 22 leaves 2 empty. Which is what you are seeing in the final booklet.

10/25/2012 7:09:00 AM