Photoshop CS6: selecting all shapes contained inside a rectangular area


In PowerPoint, Visio, and many other programs, there's a "rectangle selection" mode which allows selecting a group of objects by drawing a rectangle with the mouse. All objects which are fully contained within that rectangle are included in the selection. Objects which are not fully contained within the rectangle are not selected.

Does Photoshop CS6 have a similar feature for selecting a group of vector shapes spread across multiple shape layers? I know how to use the Direct Selection tool to select a single vector shape, but not how to select multiple shapes based on their position on the page.

I tried Googling on "cs6 multi-select shapes" and many other similar queries and got nothing useful, but I'm sure there's an easy solution that I've overlooked.

10/23/2012 6:18:00 AM

That's not possible, I'm afraid.

It's not as good, but you can use the Move Tool (V), and shift-command-click to select multiple layers at once.

I'd really love Illustrator's lasso selection tool.

10/23/2012 8:03:00 AM

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