How do I create a bevel effect on a complex object in Inkscape?


I would like to create a bevel effect in Inkscape. I am going for a very subtle bevel, that looks something like this one which was created in Photoshop:

bevel example

First I tried the bevel filter in Inkscape, but there is very little control and most of the bevel types are unsophisticated. The closest one I could find to what I'm after was the "combined lighting" bevel filter. However, like all the bevel filters, it has no options to control the depth or width of the bevel, or to control the direction of the light source. The default light source comes from the top left, but I need it to be from almost directly above. This is what it looks like:

inkscape bevel filter

I can build a crude bevel manually by adding 4 shapes around the square I want to bevel, which, in a simple example looks something like this:

crude manual bevel

But this method is crude, as there is no subtle gradients at the corners, and in any case, it would be maddening to apply this method to a complex shape like this one:

enter image description here

So, how can I get a nice subtle bevel effect like the first image in Inkscape that I can save as an SVG?

10/1/2012 1:36:00 AM

Extensions > Modify Path > Edge 3D

For those that may still need a nice edge with little work.


9/3/2013 2:40:00 PM