CS5 export layers as files with NO number sequence


I am using cs5 layers to modify and then exporting layers as files. While saving CS5 automatically adds some number sequence at the end thereby modifying my original filename.

It automatically embeds a number sequence prefix to the exported layers, thus rendering my own file naming convention useless. Is there a fix for this? Is there an option somewhere called 'dont auto-renumber my files' or 'use layer names as file names"?

I DO NOT want this numbering. How to prevent this ?

11/18/2016 5:15:00 PM

Accepted Answer

To add in words, Since Export Layers to Files is run by some script all I had to do was find that script, then find the function which saves the layers to files, find which part of the function does the numbering prefix & comment it out.

So here are the steps -

  1. on Mac running Lion, goto Applications > Adobe Photoshop CS5 > Presets > Scripts > Export Layers To Files.jsx (in windows it's pretty much the same directory just in "program files/Adobe"
  2. Now in this file goto line 1030 and comment it out.
  3. Also in line 1031, change fileNameBody += "_" + layerName; to fileNameBody += layerName; deleting the underscore and parenthesis.
  4. Comment out line 1049 (fileNameBody += "_" + zeroSuppress(i, 4) + "s";)

Save and close the file. This should get the job done. Below are the forum source links.



9/19/2013 6:54:00 AM