Export layer as a file in Adobe Fireworks


I'm trying to export a layer in fireworks to an image file. When I go to file>export and select layer, it exports everything to one file (no different from saving a fireworks image).

How do I accomplish this easily?

What I'm doing now is create a new image, copy the layer and save it.

2/20/2011 11:52:00 PM

Accepted Answer


Choose Layers to Files from the dropdown. Under the Options… you can choose the target file type (or you can choose to use the document's optimization settings set in the Optimize window).

Then Fireworks exports the layers (all visible) as separate files. (If you want just one layer, you can hide the others.)

Also note that Fireworks' layers are represented as folders in the Layers window, unlike in f.ex. Photoshop.

10/4/2013 4:52:00 PM

If I understand the need - this extension does the magic: http://johndunning.com/fireworks/about/ExportSelection

You select the object(s), or layer(s), and choose Commands > Export > Export Selection - Background Transparent. There are more options, but this is the common and best one. It will export a SINGLE image with the layers you picked on alpha transparency.